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2021 Home Decor Trends - Japandi and Modern Minimalist Design

With many stuck at home in quarantine during 2020, home improvement, DIY, and creative interior design have become popular ways to refresh your space. Now, 2021 is breaking into the home decor space with classic and effortless designs such as Japandi and Modern Minimalist interior design trends. Looking to update your space with style, comfort, and organization? Then look no further! Here are the top trends for home decor and interior design in 2021. 

Neutral color palette featuring natural elements including plants, marble, and wood tones. Clean geometric shapes accentuate the balance between cozy luxury and outdoor zen. Classic world map is the perfect statement wall piece to draw in guests and spark conversation. 

Both Japandi and Modern Minimalist designs focus on creating functional spaces, less clutter, and zen tranquility. Let's take a look at how interior designers are reimagining home decor. 

Neutral Color Palette with Earth Tones

Creating a neutral color palette featuring earth tones is an easy way to add soothing aesthetic to your home decor. Pairing neutral colors with natural wood, plants, and earth tones will help bring the tranquility of nature into your home. 
Neutral cream tones accentuated by warm wood tones in the furniture and flooring. Paired with woven wall art, live plants, and earth tones in the world push pin map accentuate the connection to nature. 

Sleek Lines

When imaging your space, focus on sleek lines to draw the eyes cleanly around the space. Likewise, look for furniture that is functional for the space and how you use the room, but also features open sight lines. Finding a balance between storage and sight lines can help improve the organization of your space while maintaining clutter-free views. 

Clean lines in the furniture and flooring draw the eye to statement pieces and natural elements in the space. Closed door closets and console tables with both open shelving and drawers help hide clutter and create open sight lines. Statement furniture with bright colors, round edges, and the interactive US push pin map add interest to the space.

Statement Decor

It can be tempting to fill every wall and shelf with decor. But personality must be paired with minimalism. Focus on adding one or two statement decor items to keep the space minimal and clear. To be accentuate the Japandi aesthetic, complement the natural wood and live plants with metals, stone, and clay for contrast. 

Bookshelf room dividers allow open sight lines while adding dimension and functionality to your living space. Natural green tones highlight to wood elements in the space while the silver frame of the blueprint world push pin map ties into the metallic elements in the space. 

Open Shelving

Use open floating shelves to add dimension to your room. When utilizing floating shelves, make sure you are conscious of balance. Not every shelf needs to be filled to the max, but you should make sure that there is balance between filled shelves and more minimalistic shelves. 

Open shelving with balanced and varied items on display add interest yet maintain organization. Shelving that allows the wall to show through helps to bring dimension to the space in a function way. Open shelving also accentuates the clean lines of the room and serves to allow statement pieces like the slate world map to pop. 

Cozy Accents

Minimalist and stylish don't mean uncomfortable! Finding accents that are cozy and warm are welcoming elements that make your house a home. Cocoon Swoon is a huge trend in fashion and home decor, based on the idea that comfort is key. So look for how you use your spaces in the home and add cozy accents to invite people in!

Cozy oversized furniture and warm tones afghan blanket add comfort and warm to the nursery. Monochromatic petite wall art and natural flowers help bring balance to the space and inspire outdoor adventures. 

Functional Cloffice

As more and more Americans work from home coming out of the pandemic, home offices have been all the rage. That being said, many people lack the space to designate an entire room as an office. Enter the 2021 Cloffice trend. The closet office is a functional small space to conduct business that offers organization and privacy in tiny spaces! Build a cloffice with strategic organization, some sort of room divider, and as little clutter as possible. 

With only one row of shelving, this minimalist office showcases the power of statement pieces that pop. With functional drawers and comfortable seating, this tiny cloffice still functions while providing privacy, inspiration, and aesthetic. 

Signature Dishes

Spice up the kitchen with some signature pieces. Copper cookware and clay dishes provides beautiful contrast to Japandi aesthetic, while signature glassware add a pop of personality to your modern minimalist design. 


Copper cookware and silverware help balance the natural clay and marble elements in the dishes. Wood personalized coasters bring natural warmth to the table and invite your guests to stay a while! Add personality with statement glassware. 

Minimalist Wall Art

Walls are not dead space. In a modern minimalist design, adding a statement wall art can add dimension to your space and spark conversation. Keep your crisp walls interesting with minimalist yet dynamic wall art. 

Pair your clutter-free shelves and blank walls with an interactive and unique statement wall art. Dynamic wall art adds interest to your space and invites your family and friends into conversation. Choose art that complements the materials and colors in your space and that have an interactive quality, such as this slate US push pin map

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