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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will it take to get my map?
We make maps, it's what we do, so we will create and ship your map within 2–5 business days. Then it will take up to 5 days, depending on where you live, to receive your map via UPS. We are a Minnesota company and we ship from here so we are centrally located for shipping.
2. Where are these maps made?
We personalize and ship each map from right here in the Midwest — Minnesota to be exact. Each map is made using archival paper, a substantial wood frame and custom made pin sets. We are quite proud of the quality of our products and the service that stands behind them!
3. What is included with the personalized map set?
Each map set includes a custom designed pin set to match the legend of the map. You can also add a personalized plaque to most maps.
4. What is included with the non-personalized map set?
Each map set includes a custom designed pin set to match the legend of the map.
5. Is there standard text included for the personalization?
Nope, you can use 50 characters (including spaces) to have it say anything you like. Well, within reason! But, call us if you have an idea that is beyond the 50 characters and we will see what we can do!
6. Can you help me decide how to personalize my map?
Absolutely! We love that part of our job. Call us at 888-821-0151 to discuss some ideas. We also offer suggestions here. This is the really fun part of the map — be sure to make it special!
7. Do I need to buy a pin set?
No, each map includes the initial pin set. For World and US travelers that have traveled a lot, you can purchase additional pin sets to mark all of your travels. The extra pin sets are the same as the original pin sets that ship with the map set. 50 Red pins to mark where you've been, 10 Green pins to mark your dream travel destinations, 1 Blue flag to mark where you are going next and 1 Yellow flag to mark your favorite destination so far.
8. Is there glass on the front?
No, in order to add pins you'll need access to the map so we do not cover it with glass.
9. Can you ship to PO Boxes, APO's, Canada, or outside of the USA?
Right now, we cannot ship to these locations. Here's why:
PO Boxes — we ship via UPS and cannot deliver to a PO Box
APO — while we support our fine troops, the APO delivery system does not support such a large item. So, we need to find an alternate address for delivery.
Canada — we do not have a broker to take this large item over the border. However, give us a call as we may have an alternate suggestion. 952-746-4820.
International — We know, this IS a world map, but at present we do not have a distributor overseas. We are working on it, so we will keep you posted!
10. Can I get any map unframed?
Most maps are sold as framed map sets. However we do offer the Ballpark, National Parks, Golf and Family Maps as laminated poster versions!
11. How often is the world map updated?
The world map is updated every two years as needed. The Map Your Travels Personalized World Traveler Map was last updated in 2018.  There have been no changes to names or locations since then.
12. Will you create an area map for me?
While we do have cartographers on staff, we do not create area maps to order.
13. Why should I buy from MapYourTravels.com?
Well, we have a lot of reasons! First, quality product and satisfied customers. We have been selling our travel map sets for over 20 years now and we have a lot of VERY satisfied customers. Second, we are a Midwest company with Midwest values including excellent customer service and going above and beyond whenever we can. Third, this is our business, it's what we do. It is not an add-on or an afterthought. We created these map sets and we stand by them 100%. Customers have come to us to replace maps they bought elsewhere and have been so happy to find the real deal — The Original World Traveler Map series!
14. Can I return a map?
Personalized items may not be returned, we hope you understand that. But, if you do have a typo or need to change it for some reason, please give us a call and we will try to work on changing the plaque for you.
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