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How Our Maps Work

Step One: Hang Your Map!

Once your map arrives you will see what a work of art it is! Feel the weight of the double-backed feature and the beautifully classic real wood frame. Locate the perfect place in your living room or den to show off your map... and your travels!

Step Two: Mark Your Travels with the Red Pins

Our customers tell us this next part is the highlight of their Map Your Travels experience. Pour a glass of wine or make a cup of tea and start putting in red pins wherever you have traveled! What a great way to re-live some wonderful memories of the trips you've taken. Remember Family! Romance! Adventure! How many red pins will you need?

Step Three: Use the Flags to Mark Favorite Trips — and the Next Destination

This may be the most fun of all. Use the green pins to mark all those dream destinations you hope to visit someday. Greece? Paris? Hong Kong? Use the yellow flag to mark your favorite trip so far. And the blue flag? That marks where you are going next. A perfect conversation starter! "I can't believe you're heading to Australia..."

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