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About Us

The story goes like this...

So, there we were. Looking for new product ideas and WHAM — one of our coworkers remembered a map he used as a kid to track the places his family traveled. Did you have a map like this, too?

So, we decided to make a 'grown up' version. We designed a beautiful map, figured out how to mount it so you can use pins to mark your travels, and created a really fun legend to encourage friends and neighbors to ask about your travels. (Let's be honest, people who love to travel, love to share their adventures even more!) Then we framed the map in a beautiful mahogany stained wood and added the final jewel to the crown — a personalized crest.

Based in St. Louis Park, Minnesota (located just outside Minneapolis), our company has been in business since 2000. In this last decade, we have sold more than 75,000 maps and created nearly as many happy customers.

Although the Personalized World Traveler Map is still our flagship product — we added new products to our line-up, including:


We hope you find just the right map for your family or that special person you are shopping for. If not, let us know and maybe it's on our list!

Oh, and one more thing, just so you know — a note about our SHARE Program... Our SHARE program is designed to honor organizations whose mission is to help others. We donate a percentage of our profits to organizations selected by our very own staff members. Sometimes it is a local fundraiser for a family, a local auction, or the Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk. We provide ongoing support to Feed My Starving Children whose mission keeps children alive in Third World countries. We also provide support to Open Arms of MN — feeding body, mind, and soul of people with HIV and other illnesses here and in South Africa. Back at home, we contribute to Patchwork Quilt, an organization who provides out-of-school programs for at-risk children in Minneapolis.

We believe in the 'back to basics' philosophy - say please, say thank you, and remember to SHARE.

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